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needed to post something
maybe I shouldn't keep my eyes on the friends post because I know at least one person hasn't posted anything in over a month even though she has said that she's busy

anyway I've earned my first paycheque today and I'll be going on my first business trip on Thursday with my supervisor (we're buying books for the library)

and lately since I had been playing Alien tales on Play Dos Games (and a little Carmen in between) I've been thinking about starting something called the Alien Tales challenge, where I would challenge people to read the books that were used in the game, and I mean read the entire books not just the excerpts, however if you have already read any of the books that are listed there, you won't have to read it, which means if I took the challenge I wouldn't have to read Charlotte's Web (because face it everyone's read Charlotte's web) and Hatchet (5th grade)

the game has made me want to read Anastasia Krupnik who I am starting to think may have been a pre-cursor to Daria Morgendorfer

did I mention that my phone is driving me crazy? everytime I use the facebook app the phone restarts itself, well I've had it, I'm taking it in today


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