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Let Me Tell You How My Year Went
oh man, it's times like this I wish I could drink

news wise it was terrible (what's just as bad is 2016 really went after Rugrats voice actors) but personally, the year was just okay. Considering that I got to work, alot. I just wish I could put the same amount of effort into my fan fiction like I used to

right now the only resolution I am making is that I want to keep the job I was employed for as long as possible

my hopes for the new year is that I survive it, and I wish even more that some more season 4 episodes of Carmen would show up on youtube, and that I hope I can find a way to make my computer faster

Next year I think I might give Star Wars a chance.

Canada is turning 150 hopefully there will be no serious incidents

I'm just happy that 2016 didn't take any close members of my family, or any of my friends, or any of my favourite singing detectives because I wouldn't be able to handle it


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