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oh play dos games online I love you
Here's why

I asked for it, and now it's on the site. I noticed that they had put Troggle Trouble Math online and I wondered if they would put Odell Down Under on the site, and they did. I already had enough practice with it because there was a DEMO version on the Yukon Trail disc, but it was on practice mode. I would usually pretend that I was running a seafood restaurant near the great barrier reef, I always pictured the interior to be like the Living Seas (now the Seas with Nemo and Friends)

now if only they would have Math Blaster: In Search of Spot, it would really fit the mood considering that my local station has been playing the Spice Girls version of Christmas Wrapping, and considering I got my first computer when I got that single

UPDATE: They've added MB:ISoS

also, if only they would have Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego CD-Rom edition on the site (the CD-Rom edition of World had the music and I was able to go to Zaire and catch Lady Agatha Wayland)

and of course Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego 1996, which reminds me, since I finished my binge watch last night I have to take out my NGW's and read them. I thought I was going to end up running out of videos before I ran out of Carmen again


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