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Let Me Tell you how my season went- summer 2016 edition
well to make a long story short, it was better than last years....until tvshowkid got his account taken down (I am not over this, I will not be over this until those episodes are back on youtube)

it totally dramatically changed how I was going to do my 30 days of Carmen

also I am getting pretty fed up with youtube just suddenly taking accounts down, seriously I know the fall is hunting season, but they're supposed to hunt animals not cause you to lose youtube accounts. I know Jon will upload Taking of the Shrew to full length next friday's not enough

okay I don't know if brought this up yet, but that was one of the best summer Olympics I have ever seen (seriously team Canada took home four gold medals) and most of the athletes that competed were more mature than most of the politicians in the US it kind of makes me wish they were in politics.

My trip to the US this year was better because I mostly focused on getting food.

Oh yeah I don't want to jinx anything, but My bombers are doing awesome! like not since the 2011 season and all they had to do was have someone other than Drew Willy start, well now he's an argo and Kevin Glenn is a Bomber again

Also I just came back from the Children's hospital book market, and I wish they didn't have to test their fire alarms when someone on the autism spectrum was there, I mean it wasn't loud or anything but if it was any louder then I would have had a problem.

and finally I'm not sure if I should look forward to Once, I mean they're going back to the old formula (no two arcs per season)

please god for the love of god america pick the right person to be president, I can't vote because I don't live in the US and believe me if I did I would gladly tell Dumb Old Jackass Drumpf F*** NO.


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