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Why haven't I done this sooner?
so tomorrow I start my very first salaried job, and the last couple of weeks has been kind of my workerlerette party

today I have noticed that a game I had wanted to play so badly has made it onto the but there's just one problem, it won't play on the site it offers a download link which I reluctantly did, and then the disc maker opened up and said to insert a blank disc which I did get (we have a buttload of blank dvds downstairs) and I did that, it was successful but I couldn't use it in my mom's computer because it's newer, and my laptop is getting older (and the disk drive won't co-operate) and there's so much crap in the way where the XP I decided to risk getting injured and tried it on the XP and you know what?

IT WORKED! now I want to try and download Carmen 3.5 onto a blank disc as well as another game I want to play and I can shut up that nostalgia gaming center of my brain

oh by the way the game I installed was Alien Tales

and it's not working as well as I would hope because it crashes, and on my laptop it suffers the same issue with the old carmen game, no sound when the game is on, and now my laptop disk drive won't close at all

and to make matters worse I couldn't download anything from Macintosh Gardens.

however there is a small victory I can say, I asked Play dos games to add Alien Tales to the site, and they did.


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