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Let Me tell you how my season went-Fall 2016 edition
oh god I am not looking forward to this, and I am really not looking forward to writing the Let Me Tell You how my year went. In 12 hours the Calendar will hit the reset button, and in less than two weeks a new chapter in my life will begin

I will admit thought that I actually enjoyed watching Game 7 of the world series (and getting the Cubs fan song stuck in my head......why don't the Jets have their own fan song?)

Even though the second half of my Carmen Binge watch was the longest ever, I still finished it faster than usual, usually I'm done by the middle of December. Oh god I hope someone will upload some season 4 episodes because there's not much left to upload in seasons 1 2 and 5.

God the celebrity deaths this week really hurt. I mean really really hurt and it makes this scene from Charlotte's web more sad and poignant

so I'll talk about more tomorrow when I do the LMTYHMYW

now I have to go watch Sesame Street Celebrates Around the World


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