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I don't understand how people think they have an excuse to act like a**h**** just because of who they voted for.

since this week is US thanksgiving I felt that I should share what I said I was thankful for from Canadian Thanksgiving last month

I am thankful that despite all the people that have been dying this year that I'm still here, same goes for several Family members

I am thankful that despite all the celebrity deaths this year that our favourite singing detectives are still here

I am thankful that I have a family that puts up with my crap

I am thankful that someone salvaged tvshowkid's Carmen uploads on youtube

I am thankful that we in Winnipeg have an NHL team

and I'm thankful that I'm Canadian.

I have been diving into my fan fiction again and it's been pretty therapeutic, but right now I'd kill for an episode I haven't seen before especially from season 4

so yeah after I do some internet file clearing I'll post a blurb or something,


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