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So let's see how my birthday went
BORING! but at least it wasn't as boring as my 16th birthday

All I did yesterday was acknowledge some facebook birthday wishes (you know the amazing thing about having strangers for friends on facebook is that some of those people actually can give a crap about you even if they've never met you in person, unfortunately I didn't get any b-day wishes from former members of Rockapella this year. Barry spoiled me last year) and before anyone asks, yes I saw that Zombie Jamboree vid that Sean posted

and went to a Jets game.....HOW COULD THEY HAVE LOST TO AN EVANDER KANE-LESS BUFFALO SABRES!!! and on my birthday no less I'm starting to question if we really won the trade of the decade, I mean sure Stafford and Myers are good players (and the bonus is they love the hell out of Winnipeg, I'm still mad that they sent Pavelec to the Moose, and on the last year of his contract too) the thing is since Kane was injured he couldn't play in yesterday's game, and I was so looking forward to heckling him (why? because he has caused trouble, sure he is a good hockey player but he's a troublemaker.) Oh yeah have I mentioned that I love the Jets draft pick, Laine scored on his first game, and he got a hat trick AGAINST AUSTON MATTHEWS AND THE LEAFS (no Toronto we don't want to trade with you your player scored like four goals in his first game but your team still sucks) Have I said that I am extremely jealous of the Chicago Cubs? it's because they have their own song...and it's catchy not fair, why didn't a fan write something when the team came back?

and I watched Once. And all I have to say is that Hook and Henry better plan a star wars movie night before star wars comes to Storybrooke. I'm not saying it should happen but if the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to Once then I quit. Why couldn't they have dealt with the Hocus Pocus witches in 3A instead of Neverland? because either way they could have gone after Henry

of course my birthday wouldn't be complete without the second of my two Carmen Sandiego binge watches, and it is going to be longer than ever.

What I would like to see next week is that people vote wisely, I don't want to see a serial rapist in the White House. Of course I shouldn't really care because I live in Canada, but I give a crap about what happens to the US

Oh yeah I have not found my phone, I have been forced to use my dad's old smartphone, needless to say I am miserable, it isn't like a Galaxy or an iPhone, not that I would want an iPhone anyway, which means if I wanted to I won't be able to have Elliott as my background

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Happy belated birthday! I'm sorry it was such a blah day. :(

Yeah, I didn't get any birthday wishes from Barry this year either.

How discouraging about your phone! It's good that you can still use one, but I definitely know the frustration of not being able to personalize a technology item because it isn't yours.

yeah but it was still better than my 16th birthday

what's worse is that typing on a smartphone is a real challenge, my fingers are too big

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