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oh what a crummy,crummy day
you know you're going to have a bad day if you end up waking up late unintentionally.

What happened to me this time? well I went to the mall just to get a couple of Jets schedules, toothpaste and Otrivin (because I was out of Toothpaste and Otrivin) and just before I got on the bus I noticed that my phone and my keys had suddenly disappeared. Yeah I kind of need those, to get into my house

The phone is also important to me because I've had it since March of 09 and I had took a buttload of Carmen pictures in there (including the main page image that has a certain smiling Baritone holding CDs) so I had to use a BK phone just to try and phone my phone, then I called my father, who wouldn't help me because he was away from home for a few hours, so I tried searching the mall again with no luck, so I ended up going to my mom's workplace just to get a spare key from her, and it took forever for me to get back home (because some people don't want a drive)

well at least I didn't return home to any of the youtube accounts that uploaded any Carmen episodes taken down like the last crummy day I had...just the opposite happened.
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Oh no! Ugh, what an awful day indeed! Getting locked out of the house is never fun, and losing something else important is the pits. I've had my phone since 2009 as well, and even though it's not a Smartphone with pictures, I love it dearly.

it is such a drag, I'm hoping that the Transit lost and found will have it on monday (they're not open on weekends) otherwise I'm going phone shopping

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