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so small update
I really want to write but I need to get ticked off enough, something needs to aggravate me

anyway I finished up Alien Tales, the ending was rather disappointing but while playing I might have gathered some fan fic fuel, except it would revolve around Thelma when she's complaining that nothing ever happens to her

it's actually been getting warmer lately and I couldn't be happier because I can walk around with a lighter jacket

though I think I may have noticed a snag in my Alien Tales Challenge, what if some of the books are out of print?

needed to post something
maybe I shouldn't keep my eyes on the friends post because I know at least one person hasn't posted anything in over a month even though she has said that she's busy

anyway I've earned my first paycheque today and I'll be going on my first business trip on Thursday with my supervisor (we're buying books for the library)

and lately since I had been playing Alien tales on Play Dos Games (and a little Carmen in between) I've been thinking about starting something called the Alien Tales challenge, where I would challenge people to read the books that were used in the game, and I mean read the entire books not just the excerpts, however if you have already read any of the books that are listed there, you won't have to read it, which means if I took the challenge I wouldn't have to read Charlotte's Web (because face it everyone's read Charlotte's web) and Hatchet (5th grade)

the game has made me want to read Anastasia Krupnik who I am starting to think may have been a pre-cursor to Daria Morgendorfer

did I mention that my phone is driving me crazy? everytime I use the facebook app the phone restarts itself, well I've had it, I'm taking it in today

Why haven't I done this sooner?
so tomorrow I start my very first salaried job, and the last couple of weeks has been kind of my workerlerette party

today I have noticed that a game I had wanted to play so badly has made it onto the but there's just one problem, it won't play on the site it offers a download link which I reluctantly did, and then the disc maker opened up and said to insert a blank disc which I did get (we have a buttload of blank dvds downstairs) and I did that, it was successful but I couldn't use it in my mom's computer because it's newer, and my laptop is getting older (and the disk drive won't co-operate) and there's so much crap in the way where the XP I decided to risk getting injured and tried it on the XP and you know what?

IT WORKED! now I want to try and download Carmen 3.5 onto a blank disc as well as another game I want to play and I can shut up that nostalgia gaming center of my brain

oh by the way the game I installed was Alien Tales

and it's not working as well as I would hope because it crashes, and on my laptop it suffers the same issue with the old carmen game, no sound when the game is on, and now my laptop disk drive won't close at all

and to make matters worse I couldn't download anything from Macintosh Gardens.

however there is a small victory I can say, I asked Play dos games to add Alien Tales to the site, and they did.

Let Me Tell You How My Year Went
oh man, it's times like this I wish I could drink

news wise it was terrible (what's just as bad is 2016 really went after Rugrats voice actors) but personally, the year was just okay. Considering that I got to work, alot. I just wish I could put the same amount of effort into my fan fiction like I used to

right now the only resolution I am making is that I want to keep the job I was employed for as long as possible

my hopes for the new year is that I survive it, and I wish even more that some more season 4 episodes of Carmen would show up on youtube, and that I hope I can find a way to make my computer faster

Next year I think I might give Star Wars a chance.

Canada is turning 150 hopefully there will be no serious incidents

I'm just happy that 2016 didn't take any close members of my family, or any of my friends, or any of my favourite singing detectives because I wouldn't be able to handle it

Let Me tell you how my season went-Fall 2016 edition
oh god I am not looking forward to this, and I am really not looking forward to writing the Let Me Tell You how my year went. In 12 hours the Calendar will hit the reset button, and in less than two weeks a new chapter in my life will begin

I will admit thought that I actually enjoyed watching Game 7 of the world series (and getting the Cubs fan song stuck in my head......why don't the Jets have their own fan song?)

Even though the second half of my Carmen Binge watch was the longest ever, I still finished it faster than usual, usually I'm done by the middle of December. Oh god I hope someone will upload some season 4 episodes because there's not much left to upload in seasons 1 2 and 5.

God the celebrity deaths this week really hurt. I mean really really hurt and it makes this scene from Charlotte's web more sad and poignant

so I'll talk about more tomorrow when I do the LMTYHMYW

now I have to go watch Sesame Street Celebrates Around the World

so DuckTales Revival
okay this actually makes me want to see the revival even more especially with this unique way of a cast announcement

yes rose_of_pollux that is one of the Doctor's


Upload alert (?)
so while I was checking and seeing if I could locate a replacement for the Cardcaptors episode A Very Strange Intermission, I noticed that someone had uploaded some episodes that were missing from youtube..

I also accidentally discovered this

I have a bad feeling that Rockapella's voices singing voices were sped up when the roaches were singing...but it has to be them here, because the roaches are doing it acapella.

If this is the right one, then I don't have to sit through the movie, it would be so annoying if I sat through the movie trying to hear them but can't tell and end up finding nothing

oh play dos games online I love you
Here's why

I asked for it, and now it's on the site. I noticed that they had put Troggle Trouble Math online and I wondered if they would put Odell Down Under on the site, and they did. I already had enough practice with it because there was a DEMO version on the Yukon Trail disc, but it was on practice mode. I would usually pretend that I was running a seafood restaurant near the great barrier reef, I always pictured the interior to be like the Living Seas (now the Seas with Nemo and Friends)

now if only they would have Math Blaster: In Search of Spot, it would really fit the mood considering that my local station has been playing the Spice Girls version of Christmas Wrapping, and considering I got my first computer when I got that single

UPDATE: They've added MB:ISoS

also, if only they would have Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego CD-Rom edition on the site (the CD-Rom edition of World had the music and I was able to go to Zaire and catch Lady Agatha Wayland)

and of course Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego 1996, which reminds me, since I finished my binge watch last night I have to take out my NGW's and read them. I thought I was going to end up running out of videos before I ran out of Carmen again

I don't understand how people think they have an excuse to act like a**h**** just because of who they voted for.

since this week is US thanksgiving I felt that I should share what I said I was thankful for from Canadian Thanksgiving last month

I am thankful that despite all the people that have been dying this year that I'm still here, same goes for several Family members

I am thankful that despite all the celebrity deaths this year that our favourite singing detectives are still here

I am thankful that I have a family that puts up with my crap

I am thankful that someone salvaged tvshowkid's Carmen uploads on youtube

I am thankful that we in Winnipeg have an NHL team

and I'm thankful that I'm Canadian.

I have been diving into my fan fiction again and it's been pretty therapeutic, but right now I'd kill for an episode I haven't seen before especially from season 4

so yeah after I do some internet file clearing I'll post a blurb or something,

again with this 2016?
you don't know when to quit do you?

okay I am going to be clear about one thing, I am not into Man from Uncle, I will never write fan fiction about Man From U.N.C.L.E (I have enough trouble trying to shoe-in a crossover with Nancy Drew, Inspector Gadget, Mystery Inc pup named scooby doo era, and the Cluefinders, heck I had to change my plans for that Once crossover because I basically struggled to write for Shienna in that situation of waking up in the middle of nowhere, so now I'm giving it to Penelope, or something like that) however since a couple of people I know love the show I felt the need to bring it up

However I will admit that I did see Robert Vaughn in one thing and no it's not Joe's Apartment (I still have no intention of seeing it despite Rockapella providing singing voices to the roaches), Superman 3, see this was during my brief flirtation with the Christopher Reeve era Superman (so much so that I ended up seeing Superman Returns in theaters)

*sends infinity hugs to rose_of_pollux*

first Leonard Cohen, now Robert Vaugn, please I am begging you 2016, stop unless you have plans for someone I really really don't like

So let's see how my birthday went
BORING! but at least it wasn't as boring as my 16th birthday

All I did yesterday was acknowledge some facebook birthday wishes (you know the amazing thing about having strangers for friends on facebook is that some of those people actually can give a crap about you even if they've never met you in person, unfortunately I didn't get any b-day wishes from former members of Rockapella this year. Barry spoiled me last year) and before anyone asks, yes I saw that Zombie Jamboree vid that Sean posted

and went to a Jets game.....HOW COULD THEY HAVE LOST TO AN EVANDER KANE-LESS BUFFALO SABRES!!! and on my birthday no less I'm starting to question if we really won the trade of the decade, I mean sure Stafford and Myers are good players (and the bonus is they love the hell out of Winnipeg, I'm still mad that they sent Pavelec to the Moose, and on the last year of his contract too) the thing is since Kane was injured he couldn't play in yesterday's game, and I was so looking forward to heckling him (why? because he has caused trouble, sure he is a good hockey player but he's a troublemaker.) Oh yeah have I mentioned that I love the Jets draft pick, Laine scored on his first game, and he got a hat trick AGAINST AUSTON MATTHEWS AND THE LEAFS (no Toronto we don't want to trade with you your player scored like four goals in his first game but your team still sucks) Have I said that I am extremely jealous of the Chicago Cubs? it's because they have their own song...and it's catchy not fair, why didn't a fan write something when the team came back?

and I watched Once. And all I have to say is that Hook and Henry better plan a star wars movie night before star wars comes to Storybrooke. I'm not saying it should happen but if the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes to Once then I quit. Why couldn't they have dealt with the Hocus Pocus witches in 3A instead of Neverland? because either way they could have gone after Henry

of course my birthday wouldn't be complete without the second of my two Carmen Sandiego binge watches, and it is going to be longer than ever.

What I would like to see next week is that people vote wisely, I don't want to see a serial rapist in the White House. Of course I shouldn't really care because I live in Canada, but I give a crap about what happens to the US

Oh yeah I have not found my phone, I have been forced to use my dad's old smartphone, needless to say I am miserable, it isn't like a Galaxy or an iPhone, not that I would want an iPhone anyway, which means if I wanted to I won't be able to have Elliott as my background

my writer's block is killing me! where is the motivation when I need it most?! I haven't been able to write a thing in weeks

on the other hand, it's nice to wake up to uploads, not to mention having a binge watch to look forward to in 5 days

sigh. I need a job, like badly

oh what a crummy,crummy day
you know you're going to have a bad day if you end up waking up late unintentionally.

What happened to me this time? well I went to the mall just to get a couple of Jets schedules, toothpaste and Otrivin (because I was out of Toothpaste and Otrivin) and just before I got on the bus I noticed that my phone and my keys had suddenly disappeared. Yeah I kind of need those, to get into my house

The phone is also important to me because I've had it since March of 09 and I had took a buttload of Carmen pictures in there (including the main page image that has a certain smiling Baritone holding CDs) so I had to use a BK phone just to try and phone my phone, then I called my father, who wouldn't help me because he was away from home for a few hours, so I tried searching the mall again with no luck, so I ended up going to my mom's workplace just to get a spare key from her, and it took forever for me to get back home (because some people don't want a drive)

well at least I didn't return home to any of the youtube accounts that uploaded any Carmen episodes taken down like the last crummy day I had...just the opposite happened.
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and here it is
the person who has salvaged tvshowkid's vids. The issue has now been officially resolved but he's not going to upload all of them at once

and here's a little bonus:

so I hope you all have had a Happy Carmen day

oh by the way insaneladybug this link share counts as your b-day gift, I am going to be busy on the day of your actual birthday and I won't be able to post anything

don't worry I haven't forgotten that you have problems viewing the episodes on your computer

25 years ago today.....
This happened

I don't think I noticed the show until 1993 but still when I took notice, a first love was born (and I'm still waiting for that show to get the Funko Pop doll treatment)

Also I have good news and bad news, and really bad news regarding tvshowkid

The good news is Jonathan heard from him, the bad news is he's taking a break from youtube, and the really bad news is that he's losing interest in Childrens game shows, so even if he does return to youtube he might not reupload,

UPDATE: a different youtube user has salvaged all the episodes he uploaded, as soon as he starts uploading, I will share the link to his channel for people to subscribe to

I'm still hoping someone will care here thanks alot men from Uncle

So happy Carmenversary

Let Me Tell you how my season went- summer 2016 edition
well to make a long story short, it was better than last years....until tvshowkid got his account taken down (I am not over this, I will not be over this until those episodes are back on youtube)

it totally dramatically changed how I was going to do my 30 days of Carmen

also I am getting pretty fed up with youtube just suddenly taking accounts down, seriously I know the fall is hunting season, but they're supposed to hunt animals not cause you to lose youtube accounts. I know Jon will upload Taking of the Shrew to full length next friday's not enough

okay I don't know if brought this up yet, but that was one of the best summer Olympics I have ever seen (seriously team Canada took home four gold medals) and most of the athletes that competed were more mature than most of the politicians in the US it kind of makes me wish they were in politics.

My trip to the US this year was better because I mostly focused on getting food.

Oh yeah I don't want to jinx anything, but My bombers are doing awesome! like not since the 2011 season and all they had to do was have someone other than Drew Willy start, well now he's an argo and Kevin Glenn is a Bomber again

Also I just came back from the Children's hospital book market, and I wish they didn't have to test their fire alarms when someone on the autism spectrum was there, I mean it wasn't loud or anything but if it was any louder then I would have had a problem.

and finally I'm not sure if I should look forward to Once, I mean they're going back to the old formula (no two arcs per season)

please god for the love of god america pick the right person to be president, I can't vote because I don't live in the US and believe me if I did I would gladly tell Dumb Old Jackass Drumpf F*** NO.

I would have thought that tvshowkid would have been back on youtube by now. I did try to contact his backup account, but not everyone checks their Google+ page, I mean I'm sure any messages he recieves on G+ would end up showing up in their Gmail, I'm sure people use their gmail because well I know Jon used it when he saw my message regarding tvshowkid

I really want him to come back before my birthday or I'll have a really short binge watch, I wish I had something more to say

Tvshowkid....kicked off youtube....he probably got hit for the nickelodean stuff he has a backup account that he created earlier in the spring but......I don't know if he'll use it for Carmen uploads

now I have to fix my playlist and put all the stuff back the way it originally was, why did this have to happen while I was doing my 30 days of Carmen

I've been in a bit of a fic writing rut, I'm just stuck, I don't know if the issue is that it's summer, or maybe it's because I don't feel motivated because no one else is writing Carmen fan fiction right now or maybe my computer doesn't like it when I have so many word documents open at once. so tvshowkid has momentarily run out of new episodes so he's going to be posting repeats, which is fine because Jonathan hasn't uploaded a Carmen episode since April especially the ones that are already on dailymotion, well the good news is he will upload Taking of the Shrew at the end of the month (anybody care to guess why?) the bad news is he's also going to post a Rodent Ran Though it (the 20th anniversary of the end of the show was a year ago, why didn't he post it then?) though tvshowkid said he might get some season 4 episodes.

Anyway since I've been hitting a bit of a wall fic writing wise, I will post a blurb from the 10th episode of the 3rd season

how do I pad out an episode where most of it takes place in a bunkerCollapse )

Thus we have another full episode that we had only seen half of, there are 4 season 2 episodes missing and one of them is Wondering Where the Water Went

just think 4 days from now will be September and as a result it'll mark the 25th anniversary of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego and I'll be sharing episodes on facebook


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